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About me

The Country, in which on snow-clad wood stroll, why-that not sleeping in winter bear...I was born , cool daytime, 27 February 1957, in old-time merchant's district city Kungur that stands beside mergings of the rivers Sylva and Iren, Perm region in Russia. Then our country named the Great Powerful SOVIET UNION (with words from hymn USSR). The Country, in which on snow-clad wood stroll, why-that not sleeping in winter bear, but beard caretakers row always falling snow on town street. The Country lucky childhood, free formation and public healths and else much what good....
But, once upon a time, all this collapsed and disappeared as sweet dream....

Having Collected its first detector radio in 1968, being pupil 4 classes of the grade school, I became further to develop their own knowledges in this direction. The Fascination radio with school pew,has defined both my hobby, and my profession. I became the military signalman.My amateur station
On formation engineer-electrical communication. Has Served (for Faith, Reigning and Fatherland) in Armed Power  at 25 years in miscellaneous region former USSR (FAR EAST, My familyTadzhikistan, Podmoskovie, Kazakhstan). Presently booted on pension, as old ed dog from cartoon "Veins-was a Dog".

The since amateur radio  on club radio station UK7PBH, has then got its call sign UL7PJQ radio stations 3-categories, then call sign UN7PJQ radio stations 2-categories, since 1994 work the call sign UN9PQ radio stations 1- categories.For barning time in amateur airwaves has met the condition and has got beside 300 amateur radio diploma different countries of the world, has got confirmed the two-way QSO's  with amateur radio operator 300 countries of the world (320 countries is perfected) on list of the diploma DXCC. I am member in several international clubs of the amateur radio operators: DIG# 4713, EUDXF# 356, FCF# 718,KDR# 788, UDXC# 195, WACRAL# 910, have WAB Book# 14771.
I  use for  the amateur radio communications  transceiver KENWOOD TS-50S, linear amplifier on two valves G-811, antenna "QuadRhombic" on roof  9-floor of the building. The last years work mainly RTTY, using computer: P4/INTEL Celeron-1700Mhz/RAM 256Mb/HDD 60Gb/ built-in sound card on mainboard CHAINTECH ES-676M VIA P4M266+8235/software MMTTY Ver.1.65 (c) JE3HHT.

My awards!

In  since 2000 also my hobby computer hardware and  with begin 2002 has solved to try itself in Web-design.
Shall be all is thanked for left remarks and wish in my the guestbook!



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