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Amateur Radio-the First 100 Years (1898-1998)

The History dates Amateur Radio

Subsequent to use commercial radio communication, began the study radio enthusiast-amateur radio operator. The First amateur radio station in the world came up for London in 1898. This was MJC Dennis, which has later got the call sign DNX, but then EI2B. Probably told the influence an experience with radio G.MARKONI, which in broad scale were conducted in Britains, company organized Markoni. In 1904 began the issue a license amateur radio station. The First woman got call sign to amateur radio station G6YL, was Barbara Dunn from Britain.At the first years amateur radio communication begin broadly develop in Britains,Australia,USA and Canada,where told the big influence of the exploratory work G.MARKONI.One of the the most old national amateur radio organization world are rightfully considered RSGB (Great Britain) and ARRL (USA).

The Whole Amateur Radio world in 1998 noted 100-Years amateur radio communication!
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The First amateur HF radio station in Rosssii was created  amateur radio operator F.LBOV and V.PEROV from Nijvniy Novgorod. At January 1925 she left in airwaves call sign R1FL(Russia First Fedor Lbov) on wave 96 metres. The Signals 15-watts of the transmitter have heard in Iraq, but then and in many other country of the world. The Regular issue call sign amateur radio station began in USSR in 1927.
Pervoprohodec amateur airwaves - Fedor Lbov
Short-wave radio amateur motion appeared in 20- years. Radiowave shorter 200 metres then were considered unfit for professional relationship and their have returned for experiment amateur radio operator. They-that and have proved;proven that short waves can be effectively used for radio communication (consequently, and for broadcasting) on very greater distances under limited powers transferring device. Has Then followed intensive mastering professional signalman range of the short waves, but for shortwave have saved the small area of the spectrum-amateur HF ranges. This was and confession deserve amateur radio operators in mastering the short waves. Here is what defines "amateur radio service" (i.e. short-wave amateur radio) international "Regulations radio communication".
"Radioamateur service:
The Service radio communication, having purpose preparacion, relationship and technical studies, which are conducted amateur i.e. persons, having on this special permit and intereste in radio mechanic with the personal purpose only, without some money advantage".

Before begin 50- years to all amateur radio operators of the world used, mainly, transmitters CW/AM own design, collected on scheme enthusiast-amateur radio operators, often using for receiving signal manufactured (military) radio the known in that time of such name as COLLINS,HAMMARLUND,HALLICRAFTERS and later EDDYSTONE, DRAKE,HEATHKIT (50-70 years). At the beginning initially 50- years in Britains, USA, Japan began the production of the equipment for amateur radio communication.Were they Originally produced separately receiver-RX and transmitter-TX,then production transceivers began in 70-years on 5 bands on HF.One from such transceiver was Heathkit HW-101,with transmitter power 100W PEP,working in mode SSB/CW (the ranges 80-10 m),released by manufactured USA for which could be built from a kit. In 80- year manufactured already "has flooded" market multiple development transceivers on amateur ranges 160-10 m,the most old-old amateurs is remembered such name as Atlas-210X, Drake TR-3, Collins KWM 2A, Heathkit SB-100,Icom IC-720,Kenwood TS-120, Swan SW-260, Ten-Tec Argonaut-505,Yaesu FT-101 and many others......

The most known presently companies: ALINCO, ICOM, KENWOOD, YAESU.

Amateur Radio history dates: The History dates Amateur Radio

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