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 Welcome to The UN9PQ Amateur Radio Pages!

In these pages you will find out what a Radio Amateur is and some of the many aspects to the hobby. If you are new to the subject, it may open your eyes; if you are already an amateur perhaps it will encourage you to do something new or an interest.
This is a wonderful hobby!

Valery Postnikov P.O. BOX 28, TEMIRTAU, Karaganda region, KAZAKHSTAN

My QSL-cards My QSL-cards My QSL-cards

Radio amateur communication on HF and VHF - one of the the  most interesting fascinations, which denote its leisure over a million of people in all small piece of coal of our planet. In she matches and joy technical creative activity, and romanticism journey on country and continent, and special quip of the sensations typical of sport. Really, realy will not deliver you pleasure their own hand to collect the device, by means of which possible speak to its colleague-amateur radio operator, residing from you on distance several thousand kilometer? And realy not fascinating "hunt" for  amateur radio station of some exotic countries or island? But zeal of the atheletic fight and like joy of the victory in competition? All this there is in amateur radio communication on HF and VHF.

But occupation amateur radio-not simply fascinating pastime, one of the popular hobby.Work was conducted On the initiative and at the participation of the amateur radio operators on study of the passing of
the short waves in condition Arktiki,on using short-wave radio communication with plane and aerostat,residing in flight,with nave in elbowroom ocean,train of the distant following,with climber,making ascents on the most high mountain top of the world.It Were designed and the first radio amateur satellites,amateur radio operator perfect expedition on North pole,during which they have proved;proven the possibility reliable and firm relationship in condition of the North.All this promoted introducing the short waves in public facilities,activity of the amateur radio operators has got the broad confession.The Majority of the amateur radio operators,once upon a time having chosen radio mechanic and functioning in airwaves,already does not part with this fascination. For many specialist in the field of radiomanufactured, the signalman, worker electronic , choice to professions and initial spare of the knowledges has defined exactly occupations radio amateur communication, in particular  radio amateur communication on HF and VHF.

On my page You will find the short history of the invention radio, headwaterses amateur radio communication, in QSL-album view the small selection QSL-card with equipment and radio amateur humour.

Shall be all is thanked for left remarks and wish in my guestbook!


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